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sunscreen shades in newmarket


Sunscreen Shades are specifically designed to block out the UV Rays and diffuse the sunlight entering the interior of your home. They provide vital protection for you and your family from the harmful effect of UV Ray exposure.


The main purpose of sunscreens is to provide efficient protection against damaging UV Rays to protect the interior of a home and it's inhabitants.

Sunscreens also play a vital role in reflecting radiant heat energy and increasing the energy efficiency of a home.

Some key features include:

  • U.V Resisant            

  • Fire Retardant            

  • Anti Moulding            

  • Anti Toxic / Heavymetal free            

  • Phthaiate free            

  • VOC free            

  • Formaldehyde Free            

  • Printable with white tone             

  • GreenGuard Certified            

  • Oeko Tex standard 100 

sunscreen shades white color installed in barrie
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