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white fire retardant roller blinds

Fire Retardant Blinds

Fire Retardant Blinds are made with fabrics that are specially treated with a flame retardant coating. These materials add an additional safety layer for your beloved home and family. Blinds with fire retardant coatings combine safety and style and are an absolute necessity in specific settings such as schools, daycares, hospitals and other commercial settings. 

Fire Retardant Blinds

Fire Retardant Blinds prevent fire from taking hold when it comes into contact with an ignition source. It will smoulder but it will extinguish itself when the source is removed.

Blinds with fabrics that are treated with a fire retardant coating should be selected for areas with large groups of people, especially in situations where people may have impaired mobility and small children such as hospitals, seniors homes and daycares.

At Luminescence Luxury Window Decor we carry numerous options with fire retardant coatings in our collection of zebra blinds and roller shades.

grey color fire retardant zebra blinds installed in toronto
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