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Tips on How to Best Choose the Color of Your Zebra Blinds


Zebra Blinds installed in a bay window in Newmarket, Ontario


One of the issues home owners have most often, is in choosing the colour of their Zebra blinds.

We wanted to share a few PRO tips with you that you will be thankful you knew before making your decision.

Zebra Blinds have three types of fabric options; light filtering, dimout and blackout all with varying degrees of light passing through them. Light filtering options, generally allow a lot of light to pass through the material but help to diffuse it as well as make it softer all while filling your space with natural light. On the other hand, dimout and blackout options block out between 85%-99% of light passing through them.

With the above said, what colour is best to choose? Our extensive experience shows that the best colour for most applications is white and most home owners agree when the final product is installed.

Below, are a few reasons to support our suggestion in picking a white colour for your Zebra blinds (dual shades).

  1. White colour zebra blind fabrics when chosen in light filtering materials, do not change colour when the light passes through them. On the other hand, light grey materials and other colours often look brown in colour when the sunlight passes through them. (see image below)

Light Gray fabric that has a brown hue with the sunlight passing through. Installed in Bowmanville, Ontario

White Zebra Blinds installed in Bradford, Ontario

2. When choosing blackout materials we also suggest the lightest colour that is palatable for your taste. Blackout fabrics don't allow much light to come through them so when they are backlit by the sun during the day, they will always appear darker than what they really are. (see image below)

One of our most popular "Pure White Zebra Blinds" materials appearing darker than what they are during daylight conditions. Installed in Bolton, Ontario.

Darker colours in blackout zebra blinds will look even darker during daylight conditions.

Above are the reasons why white colour fabric options appear to be the most versatile in the majority of applications. We thought, sharing this interior design tip may help you avoid a costly mistake.

If you need help in choosing the best zebra blinds on the market, please reach out to us for a free no obligation in-home consultation by clicking here .

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