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Unleash the interior designer within and see how Luminescence can take your home from functional to fabulous. No matter the size or type of space you want to work on, you'll find just what you need.


Zebra Blinds

Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle touch to make a huge impact. Especially when it comes to zebra blinds. Modernize any interior with nearly 300 handpicked European styles and color options in our Zebra Blinds collection. Maintain impeccable and limitless light control while enjoying the stylish design of this modern window decor.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are simple, stylish and easy to operate. With over 500 stunning fabric designs and colors you can go big and bold or small and subtle its up to you, choose whatever colors or styles spark joy and add some unique personality to your space.

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3D Zebra Blinds

3D Zebra Blinds are made up two layers of fabric connected by horizontal sheer vanes that allow different levels of light control and privacy.




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At Luminescence we have established a network of premium suppliers to deliver the finest products to you. We offer the most sophisticated and fashionable fabric designs and systems. Our unique relationship with our suppliers coupled with advanced supply chain solutions allows us to deliver the most exquisite products at the absolute best prices in Canada.


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